Antminer S2 –

AntMiner S2 1TH/s Miner (1w/GH/s) in Production

Bitmain Technologies Limited is proud to announce ANTMINER S2 that features 1TH/s Bitcoin Miner, consist of high-density chip chains and ultra low power consumption.

AntMiner S2 is using the state of the art BM1380 chip, targeting the best possible power efficiency. S2 is built into a 4U size box, and it will come with PSU manufactured by Enermax. S2 will be very convenient to deploy. S2 is still running quietly.

Since November of 2013, BM1380 has been proven to be the most effective IC on the 55nm process among all competitors, even comparable to the most Bitcoin Mining ICs developed on 28nm process nodes. Our first generation Bitcoin Miner, AntMiner S1, demonstrated low power consumption but a high performance.  Currently S1 is most popular miner for mining enthusiasts.  S1 is currently deployed in large binary trees structures within the private and public mining pools servicing 20.3% of the entire network hash rate.

The 1st Batch of AntMiner S2 will be shipped out on April 1st. AntMiner S2 will be available in the global market for a price of $3,899.

Our website store located at

AntMiner S2 SPEC:

  • Hash rate: more than 1,000GH/s
  • Power consumption: 1,000W from the wall
  • Power efficiency: 1Watt/GH/s
  • PSU: 1000W produced by Enermax, 80PLUS gold
  • 4U Rack
  • PSU inside
  • Plug and Mining
  • Stable and quiet

Antminer S1 the alternative to Cloud Mining

Bitmain created a Bitcoin Miner stable and efficient, is a nice option for those with some technical skills that wish to do some in-house mining. is Authorized distributor for USA and the Antminer S1 received a nice welcome by many miners in USA.

ANTMINER S1 Dual Blades Spec

Hash rate: 180 GH/s
Power consumption: about 360 W from the wall
Power supply: 3 +12V DC input
Power efficiency:  2 W/GH/s on wall
Size:  135 mm x 155 mm x 300 mm
Network connection: Ethernet Cable / WIFI
Cooling: 12cm PWM fans and customized heat sink
Stand alone: After you configuring it, S1 mines alone without a stratum proxy
Quiet: ANTMINER use the most power effective mining chips in the world, and the customized heat sink. All heat can be brought away by very slow wind. ANTMINER runs quietly.
Stable: ANTMINER mines 24 hours a day, without unexpected stop mining.
Accurate: Hardware Error rate as low as 0.3%, the lowest in the world.
Power effective: Saving the investment of PSU, cable and the cost of electricity bills. – 112 Bit LLC



Corporate miners will mine with contracts

In the last few days bitcoin mining contracts suppliers has been contacted by a new type of customer, customers looking for very high volume contracts over 1 TH/s.

This tendency is generating a new kind of offer from the providers in order to capture this new customers.

Now we see some approaches specifically for that niche in suppliers like CloudHashing but in all the cases the mining contracts providers are providing tailormade deals to such customers.

We expect in short time the companies will publish specific mining plans for very large volume customers.

Advertising New Opportunities

We get information about e-Pickaxe is close to define to order for more hardware.

They are negotiating a new batch with HashFast or Cointerra, as we know both companies are taking orders for their hardware providing 1.2 Terahash for HashFast and 2.0 Terahash for Cointerra, in any case will be a huge advance.

As soon as we get the confirmation we will inform and probably let some customers order them as soon as they are ready.

Pricing will be probably unbeatable.


Advertising – KnC hosted hashing

The mining contracts are getting hot every day and new opportunities arrive week after week.

This is the case of a new company Byteminr they are offering aggressive pricing based on their KnCminer Jupiter orders. Starting at $399 for a 10 Gh contract might be a good option if they get the hardware on time.

They are accepting Bitcoin and Google payments we don’t have contract  with them but we will post more info as soon as we have it.



CloudHasing Is Paying! (confirmed)

During the last days I have been working to confirm if CloudHashing is paying and yes I confirmed from 3 different sourcres, at least they payed on August 6th and 20th.

So we can confirm is the first (or at least the first important one) paying for their contracts.

We tryed to get in contact with the company for more info with no luck but I don’t wish to delay this information anymore.

Congrats to CloduHashing and their customers!


Advertising – first contact.

We received today some good news a new player is in the market giving us more contracts opportunities.

The company is mimoCloud ( and they will use KnC hardware as platform for their contracts, considering KnC generated some attention with the latest news about their advances is a very interesting option.

As soon as we have more information about the new company we will include more information.



E-Pickaxe, very competitive prices

A new player took our attention. E-Pickaxe is taking advantage of the latest hardware releases and start with a quite aggressive pricing with u$s 42.- GH/s and offering plans of up to 64 GH/s is an interesting option, they inform current orders will be fulfilled during October/November of this year depending on the provisioning of Butterfly Labs. Their plans include the Administrative Fee and you are not forced to reinvest giving each customer the freedom to manage the generated coins in the way their prefer.

This week we will setting up the test account and we will keep you posted.